Monday, October 12, 2009

weekend update

Well to say the least, it was a very busy and exciting weekend! Some new friends came from Canada Friday and left yesterday, and needless to say it was a very good time.

The house is somewhat of a mess from everyone being over during the weekend. But such is life :)!

Today I bred Urban Acres C Blueberry Cream ("Blueberry" - I finally have her papers after waiting for a year+!) to SQSW Berry Blast ("Berry"). They are both blue-eyed. I housed Berry with another yearling a few weeks ago - she was in heat, but I didn't see him breed her, just saw him try. So if it did not get her, she will be coming in soon as it's been 18 day today since then. I hope he did! I was right there though when I bred him to Blueberry this morning. Yay - the "little buck" finally was able to breed a doe!

For a quick "update", we are now milking 16 does/AM and 14 does/PM. I am going to drop a couple more does to only 1x/day milking. In the morning when I'm moving slightly slow, it takes about 1 hour to milk and feed, and at night about 45 minutes.
We also now have 13 dairy does bred, and several left to breed! The new Boer buck, Ace, has bred several of the Boer does now also (at least 4 I think).

We still have the paint Boer buck (18 months), cross-meat buck (8 months), and Boer/Nubian doe (2 1/2 years) still for sale. I would really like to move the 2 bucks out ASAP - so we will accept any reasonable offer! Email or call me if you are interested ( - 918-598-4004).

I don't have a whole lot more to update on ranch life, so. . . have a good day!