Friday, June 12, 2009

Doelings for sale

Well, I *thought* all of the kids were sold. Someone decided not to get some, so now I have 4 beautiful doelings available. Here are some pictures and information about them. Price is $125 per doeling, but discounts are available. Email me if you are interested!

This is a doeling out of Good Goats Vanilla Cream (Nubian) and PawPawNin Quiet Wyatt. She is a 1st generation doeling. She is very small and very well built. Her only downfall is she has too much control over those ears! When she is relaxed, they go down to her muzzle. Born May 10th. SOLD

This doeling is out of PawPawNin Ditzy Doris (1st gen) x PawPawNin Junior Mint (1st gen). She is 2nd generation. Very colorful. She has wide, thin and long ears. She is very dairy also. Born May 23rd. SOLD

This *adorable* doeling is out of PawPawNin Whitney (1st gen) x PawPawNin Quiet Wyatt (2nd gen). She is a 2nd generation doeling and just as cute as a doll! She is very small (2.9 lbs at birth). Her type is just wonderful though - nice ears, very dairy and put together little body. Plus, she has blue eyes and is colorful. Born June 3rd. SOLD

She is the sister to the above doeling (out of Whitney x Quiet Wyatt). She is not as nice as her sister, as her ears are a lot shorter. She still is a very nice little girl though. She is going to be small (3.6 lbs at birth) and should be a great milker. She has blue eyes and is very colorful also! SOLD