Friday, June 19, 2009

Everyone is sold! Thank Ya'll!

All the goats that were for sale are sold! We are done with kidding, and probably won't start again till December. I wanted just to say "Thank You" to everyone for giving all of our kids this year wonderful homes! It has been a great first year here in Oklahoma, meeting you all. I hope everyone has success on their goat raising and breeding adventures. Feel free to email or call me anytime you have a question or need help ( - 918-598-4004).

So the final total for the year... here ya' go - 30 kids, kidded out 18 does!
10 Mini Nubian bucklings
12 Mini Nubian doelings
3 Togg/Saanen or other doelings
5 Togg/Saanen & Nubian/Boer bucklings

And, after everything is said and done, we are milking 19 does.

It's getting late and I am very tired from a long day in the car! Good night!