Sunday, June 28, 2009

Buckling for sale, and looking for a few does

I have one 3 month old, beautiful 2nd generation black/white Mini Nubian buckling for sale. I had already sold him, but his new owner had health issues and is having to move, so we got him back (along with a couple of bottle calves, a wether and a bunny :)). His dam is PawPawNin Verona and his sire is PawPawNin Junior Mint. He is a very nice typed little guy with great ears. I am still giving him a bottle a day, but he could easily be weaned. $50. If you are interested in him, email me for pictures and more info. NOTE: He is sold! Thank you Kristy!

Not too much to update on. Everyone is doing good!

One more thing though - some friends of ours are getting goats for family milkers for the first time. They are looking for 2 Nubian, Mini Nubian or Nubian/cross does. At least one of them needs to be in milk. They are just for family milkers, so no show wins or fancy pedigrees are needed. If you know of anything that might work for them, please let me know. Thanks!