Monday, September 24, 2012

Piglets! Donkeys! And Exotic Animal Sale

Last Wednesday one of my brothers' sows gave birth to 15 piglets! One or two were born DOA, and a few others were squished, so last I heard she had 9 healthy piglets left, which isn't bad for a first time sow. I got lots of it on film, and put a little video together.

Our big guard jenny is still very pregnant. Her udder is getting even fuller, but she has't had that little baby yet. I don't know how much longer she can look this uncomfortable!

Every 3 months there is an exotic animal auction that is just about 15 minutes down the road. As usual, we went.

This time they had a pretty good variety of exotic animals. 

Some kind of rare cattle breed. The cow was very upset and would charge at the gate if you got too close!

 There are always lots of llamas. This one had blue eyes, pretty neat.

Some different cow breed... don't expect me to remember the breed names!

There was an ostrich. She was pretty friendly.

And a few camels,

There were also lots of elk. One of them was very friendly and liked to be petted.

One of the ladies there was taking care of a baby baboon - pretty cute!

Thing is, we seem to never be able to go to a sale and not come home with something. So, we came home with 4 miniature donkeys and a Zebu bull. 

Zebus are miniature cows. They kind of look like miniature Brahmas. Kinda cool, I think anyway...

It's almost time to milk! Have a good evening y'all!