Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lots of photos!

The weather has been great lately, things have greened up a bit from the dry summer, and we have been taking lots of photos!! So here are a few.

"Hi George!"

George the llama, getting some love from his mama,

Blondie in the evening sun,

Our 12 year old "Grandma girl" and our bottle calf,

2 chicks!

a few ducks splashing in the pond one evening,

one of our Finn ewes,

3 ranch girls,

the road through the doe and ewe yard,

one mad mama llama, Martha!

Me and George, again,

My little sister. "People first, not politics!"

Patriot, our F4 MiniNubian buckling from GreenGables lines,

 My brothers sow had 15 piglets yesterday! 11 are alive. Not bad at all! Praise the Lord!

Powerhouse, our standard Nubian buckling from Pruitville lines,

A new Boer/cross doe on the ranch - she's fat, sassy and pretty!

a 4 horned Desert Dragon ram,

sheep legs!

"Bye-bye George!"

Hope you have a fabulous day!!



Anonymous said...

Very nice photos you have in here, I enjoyed looking through them!