Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Farm and...Tampa?

As anyone who knows anything about farming should know, it takes a lot of time, effort and work. Farmers and ranchers usually don't get any vacation time. And if they must leave their farm, they need someone to do chores while they are gone. If you know me, you know that I run the goat dairy along with help from my mom and my little sister.

Well, in a few days, I plan on leaving for Tampa, Florida along with some of my family and friends. That means this farm girl has to leave her ranch behind and leave all the chores for my wonderful mom and little siblings to do. They do great, but it's a lot of work! Especially when a few of us leave. But, they manage and all the animals survive (typically :)).

You may ask - why Tampa? That is where the Republican National Convention is taking place, and where the nominee who will run against Barack Obama will be chosen. There will also be Paulfest and Ron Paul's Sun Dome Rally that I plan on attending.

But why in the world would an 18 year old farm girl want to attend political events? Because right now I have the freedom to let my voice be heard and try to change America for the better. At the moment, that means trying our best to get Ron Paul elected as the Republican nominee. Unfortunately I am not a delegate, so I can't go vote at the RNC. Why would I go then? My reason is to live stream the events and bring accurate news to everyone, instead of the news that the mainstream media likes to give, which isn't always "fair and balanced."

I'm sure I'll have fun and we'll meet lots of people who have worked hard in the liberty movement. I do this for the better of everyone. I do this because of love. That is the bottom line. I care about the millions of babies that are murdered via abortion. I care about the civilians of other countries who are being killed in this worthless wars. I care about our soldiers who want to come home. I care about the Americans who just want to live a free life and be left alone. I care about justice. Right now I still have the freedom to possibly make a difference. I am not going to sit back. It's all because I love my neighbors and want the best for them. I am tired of this oppressive government, and want to try my best to change it while I still have a chance.

And that is why an 18 year old farm girl from Oklahoma is very politically involved - LOVE.

I am not sure if I have ever shared links to our Liberty Live Stream Team here on my blog before, so here they are.

Info about our Tampa trip can be found here.
Our blog, which my sister typically posts on - Liberty Live Blog Team
 Every Monday night I also do a live show on Ron Paul Tribune

I hope you all have a great day enjoying the freedoms of living in America while you still have them.

For liberty,



Anonymous said...

Travel safe and thanks for the link!