Monday, August 6, 2012

Off topic - Why we are involved in politics

So, I really need to give an update on the ranch. Not a whole lot out of the ordinary has happened lately as far as the animals go, so that is why I haven't been blogging about them as much. But, I plan to soon :).

In the meantime, I thought I would share 2 videos me and some of my family made last night. They are well worth watching!

The first one is by my older sister Qadoshyah.

And this next one is by my mom, myself and my 3 older siblings.




Kris said...

Lots of great reasons to be involved. So many times I think it's just not worth it. But I know it is. I have goats and would love to legally sell raw milk and cheese and not get thrown in jail for doing it. Our country is a little rediculous, right? But I love it here. ANd thank you all for doing what you're doing. Keep it up! One day it will all be worth it.