Monday, April 30, 2012

New Goats!

I have been a serious slacker when it comes to blog posting lately... sorry guys! About a week and a half ago we added 5 new Nubians to our farm - from Six-M-Galaxy lines! Very excited about these new additions, I think they will improve our Nubian lines incredibly. I'll put up more info on their exact pedigrees and such later, as I am trying to be quick at the moment ;).

First is Adam, a yearling Nubian buck.

Next, here are the 3 doelings. They are all just over 8 weeks old and are bottle babies (of course).

Still have to come up with a name for the spotted one...

We haven't "officially" named her yet, but are calling her Patches for now ;)

Not a great pic, but this is Sugar Baby, the 3rd doeling.

And last but certainly not least, this is our new Six-M-Galaxy buckling! I think he is gorgeous. He is just over 8 weeks old as well, was a dam-raised baby buck switched to the bottle without a problem. He is massive.

And just since I had a picture of him, this is our buckling out of Pruittville lines, Powerhouse.

See ya!



Queenacres said...

The one that you are calling Patches....I'd call her U-Go-Girl since it looks like a U painted on her back.

Beautiful goats, by the way..

Kris said...

Those kids are huge! And so pretty. I just love goat babies. You must have hundreds there.

And I am ready for some kefir grains now. If you'll email me I'll send my address. It's Let me know how much and I'll send you some money. I have missed my kefir so much.