Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Hope everyone in blogger-land is doing good! Things are going well here on the ranch. Lots of babies being born, as usual. We have about 13 or so does left to kid - almost done, yay!!! Although I really like kidding season and all the babies. . . I'll be happy when it's over with ;).

This is one of the Boer kids - sire is a boer, dam is Nubian/Boer cross.

Yesterday the first chick of the year hatched! We have several Muscovy ducks that are sitting on nests, and a few chickens. If they all hatch, we'll probably have TONS of baby chickens and ducks running around.

Piglet, one of our MiniNubian does, kidded to triplet doelings Sunday morning. Good job girl!! I needed some doelings. . .

Mom giving Peppy kisses ;). He's been a little bit sad the past week because we separated him from his mom - he needed to be weaned big time, he is over a year old! He's doing fine, but does try to go through the gate to get to his mom when we are out there.

 A few of the kids playing in the pasture today!

We have these 3 pot bellied pigs that live in the front yard. They are the some of the smallest pigs ever, and they don't make much nose at all. This is the boar. I think he's pretty ugly... sorry guy.

Little Trauma is doing great!

I thought this was a neat picture of someone watering some plants in the garden!

Hope y'all are having a great week!