Monday, August 29, 2011

life has continued. . .

and I've been a slacker with this blog!! It's not that I don't ran out of stuff to post about, because there sure is a lot going on around here!

It's still hot here, but thankfully not the 110 that it was a few weeks ago.

Our goat herd has grown to nearly 100 head, which is keeping me quite busy. We have 36 (I think) does in milk right now, but 6 of those are some friends' goats we are taking care of while they're out of town. By late next winter/early spring of next year, if the numbers in the herd stay the same, we'll be kidding out about 65 dairy does and 10-15 meat does. I think it's time to start building a bigger milking parlor. . . :)

Here's some random pictures from the past few weeks. I figured I'd just drop in and say "hi", and let all you faithful blog readers know I am still alive ;)!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

For Sale

Currently we have several goats for sale. Several registered Alpine does, a few Saanen and LaMancha doelings, and some Saanen, LaMancha & Alpine bucklings. Below are a few random pictures of the ones for sale, but we have many more than just the ones in the pictures. There is nothing wrong with these goats, they are very nice, beautiful goats, we just have too many ;).

If you'd like more info on them and prices, please email me or give us a call at 918-598-4007. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

Thank you for looking!


P.S. - yes, I know I have taken a small break from blogging! Sorry y'all! I hope to get back into the swing of things soon, but the weather has been so nice lately I have been getting things done outside.

See ya'!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

new goats, breeding season & dry weather

It's been kind of busy around the ranch here! I have some small news, and some big news... I'll save the big news for last ;).
We got some rain a few days ago but everything is still very dry, except for a few flowers :).

All the animals seem to be fairing pretty well in the heat, although we have lost a few chickens and I think one meat rabbit. But, considering how many animals are on this ranch - that is not too bad.

We have been having to feed a LOT more hay. Typically this time of year we are really not feeding any hay out. But, we've been feeding twice a day and are going to get a few round bales for the sheep. The does will be allowed to munch on them some, but will still get their normal feedings of alfalfa/orchard grass. That's how we fed last winter and everyone did well.

One of the things that has happened on the ranch - breeding season has officially started!! Sunday morning I bred Capering-Valley P Rhia to our "new" Nubian buck, Hershey.

The BIGGEST news on the ranch though is Sunday afternoon, me and a few of my family members headed 4 hours south to Texas to pick up 24 dairy goats (12 does [5 in milk], 7 bucklings, 5 doelings) and 10 sheep. Why, you ask? Because we are crazy :)! Not really though. Long story short, it was a good deal. They are all registered and are very nice goats. The adult does are all Alpines, except for 1 Nubian. The bucklings are Alpines, LaManchas and Saanens. The doelings are Saanens and LaManchas. A few of the kids were still pretty young (8 wks), so we put them back on bottles.

our ranch has been flooded with up-eared Alpine goats :)!

So that's pretty much it for now! The high today is 112 - ouch!

Stay cool!