Monday, August 29, 2011

life has continued. . .

and I've been a slacker with this blog!! It's not that I don't ran out of stuff to post about, because there sure is a lot going on around here!

It's still hot here, but thankfully not the 110 that it was a few weeks ago.

Our goat herd has grown to nearly 100 head, which is keeping me quite busy. We have 36 (I think) does in milk right now, but 6 of those are some friends' goats we are taking care of while they're out of town. By late next winter/early spring of next year, if the numbers in the herd stay the same, we'll be kidding out about 65 dairy does and 10-15 meat does. I think it's time to start building a bigger milking parlor. . . :)

Here's some random pictures from the past few weeks. I figured I'd just drop in and say "hi", and let all you faithful blog readers know I am still alive ;)!



Brenda said...

I'm also thankful the extreme hot temperatures are past and the days are easier to work in. It sounds like we'll be kidding out about the same number of dairy does this season. My first due dates are mid December and most of them will kid by the end of January. I've moved the entire farm this summer to a better place to milk and graze the goats.... doesn't leave much time for blogging. :D

Good Goats said...

Good to hear from you, Brenda! Believe it or not, I only have 1 dairy doe bred. I REALLY wanted to have half the herd bred by now, but the does have not been coming into heat. I don't know what the deal is. I guess it's a good thing though. . . maybe we're going to have a really bad Dec/Jan here in OK - who knows?! I am just hoping it'll all work out, and I'm sure it will in God's timing. :)