Wednesday, May 4, 2011

life on the ranch...

Life on the ranch is pretty calm right now, not a whole lot out of the ordinary (amazing, huh?!). The sun is shinning today and we've had a break from the rain the past few days. My grandparents from CA are visiting so we've been busy with that some.

Here are some random photos from the past week.

some birds (photo taken by my sister, visit her photo blog here)

sheep coming in from the pasture,

This little goat below is Annie. She was one of 4 Alpine/Nubian crosses that we got late last year (they are the ones that we banded/removed their horns - could never tell now!). Anyway, so they all had a little rough time with the move and everything we put them through, but were doing better. . . except for Annie. She had a run-in with worms, which she got over, and then about 3 weeks ago she came down with pneumonia bad. I had run out of Excenel, but my cousin's wife was kind enough to run up to the vet's office and get some for her. I started her on a 5 day Excenel treatment, along with other supportive things and Banamine. She could only stand for about a minute at the most and then she would start panting because it was so hard for her to breath. Poor thing, it was hard to watch. She still ate and drank though, and loved treats. After the 5 day treatment, she still was not looking any better. I decided as long as she would still eat and could stand some, we'll just wait it out. Well, a few days later she started improving, her breathing got completely better and she could stand without having any troubles. Now despite being a little thin, she is totally back to normal! Praise the Lord! I really didn't think she was going to make it through that pneumonia.

About a week and a half ago my Mom and brother came home with a fainting goat. It's too funny, but I kind of feel sorry for the goat at the same time ;).

This is Grandma Maggie. She's doing great!

Have a good day!