Monday, May 16, 2011

definitely time for a post!

I have seriously neglected this blog lately - sorry folks! Life has been busy. A week ago today, Piglet gave birth to triplets - 2 does and a buck. We had just finished milking and I heard some grunting coming from the stall, and sure enough a bubble was there! She had all three in a matter of less than 5 minutes, no problems at all. Way to go Ms. Piglet! Their sire is Quiet Wyatt, our polled buck, and at least 2 of the kids are polled, possibly all three. All the does are already spoken for, but not sure about the buck... he may be available.


one of the doelings... we are KEEPING her :)

other doeling,

Friday we got another donkey. She's a mini (well, maybe not "technically mini", but she's small) jenny and is supposedly pregnant. She was with 75 head of goats guarding them and she's doing great with our herd!

This is one of the newest Painted Desert sheep rams... nice horns!

There are 4 does left pregnant now - Friendly (alpine/nubian) due early June, Baby (nubian) due late June, Frenchie (miniNubian) due early July and Prissy (nubian...pictured below) due late July. And then we are done for the year (or, maybe till December)! But for now, we have a break till June 12th - yay!!!

Baby Tic-Tac, the "tiny goat" is doing pretty good! He's growing but is still pretty small for being 5 1/2 weeks old now! He's so sweet tho.

Have a good night! I've got to get to bed!