Monday, July 12, 2010

Meet the new kid. . .

There is a new kid on the block. . . she is about a week old, a tiny little thing. Our friend and neighbor bought a Nubian doe with 2 kids, a buckling and doeling. She was going to pull both kids and put them on the bottle. She talked us into taking the little doeling home :) - thanks Stacey ;)! Putting her on the bottle was extremely easy and the dam is doing just fine also with that.

We told my little sister that she could name her, she named her "Cutie", but my little brother - her twin - wanted to name her "Booty" - so I guess her name is "Cutie Booty" :)!! I guess it fits. She is very colorful and I think she is adorable.

There is soo much stuff coming from the gardens right now it is amazing! Right now there is a whole table full of produce that has to be dealt with, probably some tomorrow and then Wednesday.

this is part of the cucumber area,

some peppers,

a giant sunflower,

some pretty pink flowers,

Oh, and this is my cousin and another guy looking for missing horses the other day. . . my cousin didn't care too much for that ;)!

Time for bed. Goodnight!



Patient Acres said...

Oh, Cutie Booty is CUTE!!

Linda said...

OH! She is GORGEOUS!! Cutie Booty is perfect!