Sunday, May 16, 2010

the past few days re-cap

Well, it's definitely time for an update. Let's see. . .

Late Thursday night Abigail (from Camo Ranch) and Melody (her mom) got here. Abigail looked at Prissy's feet for me. She's (Prissy, that is) had some trouble in the past - several months back she got a swollen knee (me thinking CAE, I tested her and she was negative), then about a month ago she started limping. I looked at her feet and they didn't seem all too bad to me, but I don't know much about goat feet after all, at least compared to the professional Nannycurist. So I emailed Abigail and she offered to stop by and take a look.
Well, she looked at her feet. She "fixed" Prissy up, her feet were not that bad but she had a bunch of bruising in her front feet. From looking at the grow lines, they were wavy and Abigail said that (plus much more info, too much for me to go into right now) shows that she foundered sometime in the resent past. That would explain the swollen knee, the limping, etc. This might sound funny, but I am excited to find that out - at least I know what is/was wrong with her and how to keep her on good feet! Once a goat has foundered, they will always have feet problems - but Abigail told me I can keep those in-check by keeping her feet properly trimmed (keeping the heal down).
Anyway. . . again, I've learned so much from you, Abigail! Thanks!

While we were doing the goat's feet, my Mom and Melody were out in the garden with flashlights (it was 10:30 or 11pm) checking the garden out. . . why not :)! Then it started to storm so we all went in the house and got our storm education ;). It was a late but good night!

Friday was a normal day, and we went to the Leach livestock auction to look for a boar for my brother's little pig, but they all went a bit high - we'll have to go back next time.

Saturday. . . played soccer in the morning and had fellowship all afternoon, and danced as usual ;).

Then today we sold and loaded a lot of hay. Thank you to all of you that came today, it was nice to meet you (or see you again)! Whenever you need more hay, let me know!

Well, that was my past few days. It's late now and will be time for bed soon.

Here's a few funny pictures. . . I have a few more but those will have to wait till another day.

Lizzie reaching for the leaves,

and Ace, also reaching for the leaves,

Have a good night!



Kris said...

I just love your blog and all your goats. I have dairy goats also. But my eyes hurt with the colors of it. I don't know why. They get all whaky for a few minutes after looking. But I still love to read your blog!

Suriyah said...

I'm glad you like my blog but am sorry to hear it's hard to read. . . I can see why though. Hopefully when I have a moment, I am going to re-do the background to make it easier to read. Thanks!