Friday, May 14, 2010

Mini Nubian does for sale

We have 4 Mini Nubian does for sale. Here's some info on them. If you'd like pictures and more info, feel free to call (918-598-4007) or email me - I am open to offers and making package deals, just need to move a few does out.

PawPawNin Willa - Willa is about 4 years old. She kidded in February to twins and is being milked 2x a day right now. Willa is blue eyed and polled, and is a small doe with airplane ears. She has a nice and soft udder.

PawPawNin Vivid Bridget - Bridget is a very nice, colorful, medium-sized doe. She kidded in January to twins and is being milked 2x a day right now. She is very colorful and produces very cute kids. Her udder is nice and soft and easy to milk.

Good Goats QW Princess Piggy Pants - I know, funny name, but this is a funny little doe! Princess is black with a small bit of brown. She is a yearling, born 2009. Her ears are long, but I did not leave them taped long enough when she was a kid, so they are folded funny. She is also polled. Princess comes from great milk lines with good udders - I've milked her dam, grandma and great-grandma - all wonderful milkers.

Good Goats JM Toasted Marshmallow - Toasty is a cute little doe. She is grey/white swirl with a bit of brown, and she has pretty good ears. She is a yearling, born 2009. She comes from good milk lines, I have milked her dam and sisters and they all have nice udders.