Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Fall!

towards the front of the property

some trees somewhere on the property

It's fall already. . . time flies by! Doesn't really seem like fall yet, except for today it was cool all day, so it is getting there! All of the does that we had for sale at the moment, are sold. We are also selling our Boer buck and probably a Boer/Nubian doe on Sunday. It's nice to move some stock out every now and then.

My brother is also really hoping to be able to buy this very nice typed and pedigreed 2 year old Boer buck from a breeder in the OK City area. If everything goes as planned, we'll be getting him in early October. . .

And since he'll be coming, we need to add on to the buck shed, as there will be no room for him. Right now it's only an 8X8 and barely fits all of them in there, and when it's raining - let's just say it's hard to be able to feed them all in there. So, hopefully tomorrow we are going to drill 5 more holes for posts, and we will make it a 16X16X16, with probably 8 ft of one side open. That way they can all fit nicely in there, and we can build a hay feeder for winter. There will also be a 8 ft long middle wall (the wall of the buck shed now) in it, so that way if there are bucks that don't care for each other, they can sleep without seeing each other :).

Speaking of building things - we are also planning on building a big hay feeder for inside the doe barn, a patio outback, fix a loafing shed, and maybe a couple other sheds, plus much more BEFORE winter comes!

The pictures are ones that my little sister took sometime ;).

flowers in fall? Oklahoma is weird!

more flowers

fencing towards the back