Friday, September 11, 2009

Some does still for sale

I still have 4 Mini Nubian does and yearlings for sale. They are very nice does also. I am willing to drop the price on them as I really could use to move a few on. Email or call me if you are interested - - 918-598-4004.

Today I had a good time riding with one of my brothers and my cousin. Learning a lot! It takes a lot of practice to be good at riding. Hopefully I'll be ready by the time it's time to start my horse, Tank, in a few months.

I also bred another Nubian doe today, "Grandma" Maggie. I bred her to Junior Mint. She's due February 8th.

Here are some photos that I took yesterday.

the pond,
thought this was a cute picture of my sister's little Chihuahua dog, Mini,
this is Toasty in front, Starlight behind her, and "Grandma" Maggie in the back,
and the does going out to pasture,

Have a good weekend!