Thursday, May 7, 2009

Update, pictures, and hail storm

Well it's been a while since I posted last. No new babies born yet - we have had Vanilla in one of the kidding stalls for the past few nights. She is due the 13th. Everything is going pretty good. All of the kids are growing a lot.

We lost one of our yearlings from last year, Lotsa Dots, almost a week ago. We've been trying to keep her going for a few months now, but she just got thinner and thinner for no reason. The vet didn't find anything wrong with her. No worms, plenty of feed. I think the move might have taken a toll on her, but am not sure. She was a very sweet little doe and is missed :(!!

On another note, we had big storm late last week and some of this week. I've posted a picture of the hail we had below. No tornado though! I have not been in one yet and hope to not ever be ;). Today was a very nice, warm day and I think all of the animals enjoyed being able to finally go out to pasture.

This is one of the many streams, small and big, created by all the heavy rain,
Just thought this was a cool picture,
another "cool" picture ;),
Here is a pic of the hail that we had last Friday morning. . . it was very loud here in the metal barn!
Some of the does going out to pasture,
Big, wide Doris eating leaves that were knocked off the trees from the hail,

I think that is all for now. Have a good night!