Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Doris had quads! 2 bucklings and 2 doelings. I have been busy and not able to post till now, but she had them Saturday morning (May 23rd). They are all beautiful babies and Doris is doing great.

There were a few small, minimal complications with the birth, but nothing big. The first kid (buckling, he's black with a white spot) was born with no sack, and only his head was coming out with no front feet. So that made things a little harder, plus he was "sticky" since he had no sack on him, and that made him a lot harder to get out - since he didn't have any "lube" on him. I had to give him a bath just so the stuff would come off of him.

Then a little doeling came out (black & white swirl), a few minutes later a buckling (black & white swirl), then a small little girl came out butt first (black & brown). I didn't know that she was tail/butt first until she was pretty much out. Thankfully she is small, so it wasn't a problem ;).

Doris gave us a gallon of colostrum within the first 12 hours, and is milking like a pro now. The colorful buckling is already spoken for, so is the black and brown doeling. Here are a few photos of them, in order of birth ;).

Buckling #1 (we call him "Sticky" right now, since he was so sticky at birth)
Doeling #1,

Buckling #2, we are calling him Shotgun,
Doeling #2,