Monday, April 20, 2009

Time for an update

It's been awhile since I posted last. Not too much has gone on. On Wednesday the 15th, Reata, one of our Boer/Nubian does kidded to a cute little doeling. Her sire was one of the MiniNubian bucks since Reata just needed to be bred. You would never think that this doeling has any Boer in her. . . just a good example why no NOA Minis should be registered. Anyway, we've already found a home for the little doeling. Thanks to Shanda for giving her and Willa's buckling a great home! Here is a picture of Reata's Boer/Nubian/MiniNubian doeling.
All of the kids are doing great. Verona's buckling's legs are all straight and perfect now! We ended up taping them, one with popsicle sticks, just so they would straighten out faster. It worked and he is walking like a normal kid now!

Other than that, all the does are still milking great and everything is going good. I think Spring might finally be getting here. . . the trees are starting to get leaves and there is grass growing... YAY! It has been brown for months! Here's a flower pic ;). Time to go, busy day today.