Monday, August 26, 2013


Just a bunch of random pictures from this past week or two!

a beautiful sunset last night,

 muscovy ducks,

 lemon basil in front, tobacco plants behind,

 these weird mushrooms have popped up everywhere lately!

 a couple little pygmies on the ranch,

 spots, spots, spots,

 and more spots... in all colors, shapes and sizes,

 my little sister got a new chihuahua since her old one passed away... she's a mini, her name is Sweet Pea and this kitten and her get along very well.

 a few weeks ago we added this new girl to the ranch, she's a beauty.

Have a good end of summer day y'all,



Kristin said...

I love your goats' coats. They are so gorgeous.

Jeanae said...

Kristin is right - you do have beautifully marked does. I will have to watch you for a buckling as we are in need of one.

IsmailN said...

Hi Suriyah,
Now I know - kittens are actually bigger than chihuahua.. hahaha! Both looks so cute! :D