Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cheddar. is. DONE.

The Farmhouse Cheddar is done. The verdict is in. Well... kind of.

For those of us who like strong cheese, we really like it. For others that are used to the same ole' store-bought cheddar flavor, it wasn't their favorite.

The texture came out almost perfect. There was no mold either, whew! That was my biggest concern - slicing the round open and finding that it molded and the whole month of waiting went down the drain... or rather, "to the pigs." But nope, praise the Lord!

I'm thinking of trying a Colby or Jack next... thoughts?

For other farm news. . . 

Sunday morning someone came in proclaiming that there was a guinea hen with a bunch of keets (guinea babies are called keets, not chicks. Weird bird terminology) following her. Guineas are horrible mothers most of the time - they run their babies to death it seems. We've never had one be a successful mother that I can remember. They are very protective but tend to loose their keets. So, we took 17 of the keets away and are hand raising them. We left 2 with the hen since she was panicking wondering where all her babies went (poor thing!).

By the way, does anyone want some baby guineas? We have a bunch for sale. $2 a keet.

This is "the horse" - yes, I think that is as official as his name gets. Or maybe it's "the mustang". Either way, it works. He's a very sweet boy and loves the water hose. My brother got him a few months ago from a sale and he was very thin. You'd never know it now... I think he may just be the fattest animal on the ranch.

And last but not lease, this is not-so-little "Party". She's a big girl today and was put out in the big pasture with all the other big does... and her mama, of course. If anyone is interested in her, she is available.

Have a great day everyone!



Kristin said...

It looks great! Last cheddar I made came out too crumbly. I'm going to have to try your recipe. I want to put up some hard cheese for the winter. Your feta is a favorite around here!

Good Goats said...

Thank you Kristin!

That's great to hear!

Kristin said...

Will you please send me your cheddar recipe? I have a couple but last time I made it, it was too crumbly. Yours looks perfect. Thank you. kristinsmishmash@gmail.com

PS I'm working on a gouda today.

Jonathan Giombetti said...

Suriyah, I didn't know you made cheddar cheese! Do ya have any leftover, if so I would like to try it. See ya soon, Love
Jonathan G