Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hello Blog-Land

It's been busy here. The weather was hot. Then cold. Then really wet. Then warm. Now cold and wet again. I think I may get sick from all this weather change! Thankfully most of the animals have been doing just fine through it.

A huge storm came through late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning. Tons of rain, hail, wind and a few tornadoes - thankfully none too close to us. Within just a couple of hours, the roads were washed out, the creeks were overflowing, the dump cart was FULL of water, the damn at the back of the property was washed out (which has stood there for a few years), the fence was down in the back. Thankfully there was not much lasting damage. We were out of power for a day and out of internet for a few days. Everything is back to functioning normally now.

A few days ago I made my annual trip to Goat Town USA - a small Nubian herd in town - to trim her goat's hooves and give her buck a haircut. Her goats are just so nice. The doe in the photo below is Goat Town USA Hazel, the dam to our yearling Nubian buck Goat Town USA Powerhouse, who is out of Pruittville's Challenger. This photo certainly does not do miss Hazel justice. She's a big girl and she's a beauty.

The bottle kids are all growing up. This is one of my favorite kids this year. Her mom is a 50/50 Nubian/Saanen out of Goldthwaite lines, and this doeling is out of our Pruittville buck.

Silly girl.

Isn't this little kitten just darling?

Time to feed babies!

See ya!



Lauren Smilie said...

What pretty photos! What clippers do you use for your goats? We have WAHL clippers, but I'm guessing I either dulled them clipping our four adult goats last year or did something to make them not work (ahhhh, not good, if that's so!). How do you go about sharpening your blades? New blades certainly don't seem cheap! What brand of clippers do you use? or does it matter? Now for an unrelated question; what is the average amount of milk your Nubians produce? Thanks for your reply! Blessings! Lauren :) P.S. That kitten is adorable.

Good Goats said...

Thank you!

I just bought a pair of Wahl ShowPro clippers (for horses) on ebay for about $40. They work really great, probably my favorite small pair I have used for clipping udders. I have several big pairs of Oster clippers that I have used for body shaving the goats before.

I haven't sharpened my blades - typically I just buy a new $30 pair every year :), but I'm hoping this new pair will last longer. There are places online that you can send your blades off to to sharpen for about $10 I think.

Our Nubians typically give about a gallon a day.