Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's Summer!

Summer officially came, and the heat came with it! The high has been near or over 100 the past few days... hot! All the animals seem to be handling it pretty well for the most part, thankfully. 

The other day a big thunderstorm rolled in and dumped a bunch of rain on us, it was much needed as it is already a very dry year - not a great thing! Right before it rained, the sky looked like this, so I thought I'd snap a picture ;).

The big Boer buck that is the current resident here on the Ranch.

We currently have 2 bottle calves and 14 bottle kids. This calf is a little Jersey bull, and I think he's just adorable ;). Right now we are milking 35 does, and even with all the bottle babies, using lots of milk and making tons of cheese, we still have a LOT of milk. . . it's a blessing!

A couple of our doe kids from this year, I have been very pleased with their growth rate!

These are a few knew girls at the ranch that my mom and sister picked up.

And a new ewe...

Haven't given an update on baby Trauma in a while. She is doing very well! Gets around like a normal kid despite her crooked neck. She can even drink her bottle standing up now!

Hope you all have a great day!



Olivia said...

Beautiful pictures!!