Friday, July 22, 2011


Well I certainly haven't blogged in a while! Life has been going good, though it really is dry and we could use some rain badly. Hay already seems to be in short supply around here, folks are already feeding hay and it's only July. . . which means things aren't looking too great for hay this winter. Thankfully, I think we should be OK with our hay guy supplying us but not sure about everyone else. If you do need some hay, we have some right now and you might want to get it before it's all gone! Hopefully we'll get some rain here soon.

It's been killer hot too, but all the animals seem to be handling it pretty well. Even Prissy, who is due any day now and about 3 feet wide :). We have noticed that our Nubians and Mini Nubians seem to handle the heat much better than the Saanen crosses and the Alpines. . . I guess it's those big ears that help cool them off!?! Interesting, either way.

Here's a few random pictures from the past few weeks.

Apple, one of the new does that we got 2 weeks ago. They all seem to be settling in pretty good.

Berry, our Nigerian buck,

Jr. Mint - MiniNubian buck,

Roxy sitting on my lap. . . silly dog ;)!

ducks in their mini pond,

Mr. Wyatt,

Hope you have an awesome day!