Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More babies, and more new does!

We have had more babies born and bought a few more Nubian does. Here's the updates. I am going to try and work on the website in within a few days and get new pictures and info up on everyone.

Last Friday we picked up our two new Nubian does, Maggie and Rosie (mother/daughter). They are beautiful girls, and they produce like pros with great udders! They are both a pretty brown with white ears, and their udders are very nice with very easy to milk teats. Pics will be up on the website soon, Lord willing. Thank you Linda Denmark!!

As for babies born, Northwest Goats Lil' Prissy kidded to a beautiful doeling on the 25th. Her sire is Junior Mint and she is a F1. She is just adorable though! Her ears are super long, her type is very nice, plus she is extremely colorful and is a sweety. Her dam is a wonderful milker with a very nice udder and her sire comes from great milking lines also. We are keeping her and her name is Starlight Mint ("Starlight").
Then yesterday, the 30th, PawPawNin Verona kidded to beautiful buck/doe twins. They are both very colorful and have nice ears. Verona is milking very good also! The only problem is that the buckling's front feet are a little deformed - when he stands or walks, he is walking ontop of his foot. Hopefully that will straighten out with time. He got a BoSe shot also. We are thinking about keeping the doeling. She doesn't have a name yet though!

Time to go. Have a great day!