Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New kids, updates, etc

Hello all!

I have been very busy and have not had the time to post. Everyone is milking very well and doing great. Here are some updates.

Almost two weeks ago we got 2 more beautiful Nubian does. Both of them are about 2 years old. The one came with a doeling on her, so she is in milk and milking pretty well so far. Her udder is very nice, and her teats are very nice sized and easy to milk! They are both very colorful girls - the doe in milk is brown with white spots and frosted ears; the other doe is black with frosted ears and a white stripe, with some brown. They are also very nice typed and put together very well!

Monday the 22nd, Adams Funny Farm Daisy Mae, bred to Quiet Wyatt, kidded to a buckling and doeling. Both of them are just adorable! The buckling has very nice ears and type and I think he would make a wonderful sire. The doeling's ears will probably end up being 2/3 drop. She is also polled. They are 2nd generation kids. Daisy is being a wonderful girl and milking like a pro, yet again!

And now yesterday morning, the 23rd, PawPawNin Vivid Bridget kidded to one beautiful buckling. He is small, compact, and looks a lot like his sire as a baby, just different colors. His ears are pretty nice, and is very well put together. I just look at him and go "wow"! He is also polled, and is a velvet-red with white swirl all over. Very cute little guy. Bridget is also milking very well. The buckling is a 3rd generation kid.

So anyway, I think that is most of the updates. One of our Nubian does, Baby Ruth (bred to a Boer buck, CVC Gander), is looking very big, due on the 28th. I think she is going to go within the next day or two. She should have some nice 50/50 kids. I am also looking forward to milking her again as this is only her second freshening and she milked great last year.

Have a good night!