Friday, December 19, 2008

More kids born the 17th!

Icthus VML Champagne Kiss kidded to adorable buckling/doeling twins on December 17th! Their sire is Dreamy-Hollow Parker - these are his first kids and I am very pleased with them! The picture is of all the kids... Maggie's are in the middle and the other two are Kiss'!


robert christian said...

i'm also from what you call beautiful Oklahoma. i live in Tacoma, Wa now though. You may have saved my goats life..she got into the chicken feed...cracked corn. I did everything you said about bloat..But i got worried and took her to a vet because she wasn't getting better..but he said you were 100% right on..thank you..i'll let you know when she gets better...i didnt know anything about goats..she was just company for my horse..

Good Goats said...

Success stories are the best!! Awesome to hear that, and that is exactly why I write articles now and then. . . to help save goaties ;).

Nice to see someone that was from OK ;). I'm previously from CA, but moved here a few years ago.