Friday, May 21, 2010

a new addition

Yes, it's another goat! The new addition to the herd is an "earless wonder" named Cricket. She is from Mercy Farms, thank you Joanne! Cricket is registered and a yearling first freshener. She has a beautiful udder and I think her face is very cute, but she has one big thing to deal with - she self-nurses. Joanne talked about selling her, and my Mom said she'd like the "challenge" (of trying to make her not self-suck anymore), so we decided to get her and picked her up yesterday. She is a bit shy, but that'll just take a bit of time till she is friendly. Her registered name is MercyFarms MG Cricket.

Well, here's a few pictures - not the best though.

The other day we dug 9 rows and planted potatoes. . . hopefully we'll have lots and lots of potatoes!

The grass is growing and the goats really can't keep up with it. Oh well. . . I guess that is a better problem to have then having not enough grass! It is weird to think back to California - there our goats had pretty much no grass. They were kept in little dry lot pens, and almost everyday we'd take them out to graze but would still have to feed at least a hay bale a day - and at the time, the hay was about $15 a bale (115 lb bales or so)! There wasn't much feed for them to graze on besides sage brush and bushes, except during the spring, all the flowers would come out with some grass and it was very pretty that time of year! BUT, I'll take Oklahoma over that any day ;).

What I do in my "spare time". . . trim hooves.

Well, have a great weekend!